NEW BEER Calendar

We are excited to announce a refresh of their packaged project design and unique package release system. We will now release a new bottled beer eleven months out of the year.

This style of rollout is unique to Highlander Beer and isn’t used by any other brewery in the United States. We will now offer one year-round option, a rotational lager option, a rotational lager option and a seasonal option. A new packaged beer is released each month and will only be distributed for three months before a new product hits the shelves.

The first wave of newly designed labels, packaging within each series will be released this July.

There will only be one core beer available year-round: Highlander Beer’s Devil’s Hump Red Ale. The rest of our packaged product will consist of a rotational lager series, IPA series and seasonal series.


bourbon barrel-aged series continues

Aged for a year or more in various barrel types, our barrel series showcases the deliciousness that comes from time. Each batch is encased in a unique barrel type, meaning no two batches will taste the same! Each batch of the series also features a local legend, the unique stories can be found right on the side of the bottle.