Mount Jumbo IPA

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Mount Jumbo

Northwest IPA

Mount Jumbo IPA is powerfully hopped, but yet rich and inviting on the palette. Brewed with generous amounts of five of our favorite Pacific Northwest hops. Although it packs a stronger ABV percentage, its hoppy-ness will bring prolonged satisfaction, without overpowering you. It is particularly tasty when sitting in the Montana sunshine. The real Mount Jumbo is an iconic mountain at the base of the Rattlesnake valley, in Missoula. With its silhouette appearing as a sleeping elephant, the mountain was named after the elephant Jumbo, the first African elephant transported to Europe, in 1862. Although a Missoula landmark, Mount Jumbo is a mere 4,767 feet high.


  • Year-Round in our tasting room

  • 12 oz bottles, 6-packs & Draft