Inaugural Beer 101 Class is an instant success

The intoxicating smell of garlic, melted cheese and baking bread wafted up to the second floor conference room in Highlander TapHouse. As the sun set, employees worked to arrange beer samples, menus and guidebooks for the inaugural batch of Beer 101 students. Hannah Talbott, certified Cicerone®, filled sample glasses and prepared the room for her students. As they walked in, she smiled, introduced herself and began explaining the history of beer.


Highlander's first Beer 101 class covered a range of topics: the history of brewing, how to properly taste a beer, Highlander's origin story and the beer brewing process. After a 45 minute class, Hannah and Zack, resident Highlander historian, led a question and answer session for the students. "Beer 101 was fun and informative. Hannah did an excellent job, two thumbs up!" says Paul Fredericks, one of the students.

We will be holding two more beer classes in April, Beer 101 and Beer 201. Beer 101 will cover the same range of topics as our inaugural class and will occur in early April. Our second class, Beer 201, will go in depth on the brewing process, include a tour of the facility and include a beer food pairing section. Visit our event calendar for more details!

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