Bob and Shannon Lukes - Owners

Bob and Shannon Lukes are long time residents of Missoula who had the vision to revive the great tradition of highlander beer. They are inspired craft beer enthusiasts who have pursued this dream with passion. Bob and Shannon are enormously proud to again brew Highlander in Missoula.


Marc Pierce was collecting and “dealing” beer cans as a teenager in Illinois.  When he added an old Highlander Beer can to his collection it sparked an image and eventually a dream about moving west. Thirty-some years later and as a long-time Montana resident, the can dealer turned entrepreneur, television producer and craft beer fanatic is a founding partner, head-taster, recreation director and music critic for Missoula Brewing Company.



Head Brewer and Mad Chemist, Gary Gagliardi, received his formal training at Oregon State and for seven years thereafter, he was a lead brewer at Stoud’s Brewery, the oldest craft brewery in Pennsylvania. From finely-honed lagers to rich IPAs, Gary can do it all. With the spirit of the Mad Chemist, Gary also experiments with infusing wild flavors and barrel-aged character into many new and innovative beers for MBC.