this is our beer.

We refreshed our packaging and our line of packaged beers this summer! We now have one year-round beer and the rest rotate each month. Keep your eyes peeled for a new beer eleven months out of the year. We pride ourselves in our top quality, Montana made beer. Locate it on shelves throughout all of Montana!


devil's hump red ale

An ale with natural sweetness and rounded balance, derived from a rich blend of malt and light hops. 4.9% ABV / 20 IBUs


original pilsner || AVAILABLE: JULY - SEPTEMBER

A traditional crisp, clean lager with a subtle german hop character in the background and a dry finish. 5.6% ABV/ 30 IBUs

copper lager || AVAILABLE: FEBRUARY - MAY

Lager with subtle malt flavor, and a dry finish. Complex, but  still refreshing. 5.5% ABV/ 30 IBUs


Classic German Dark Lager, brewed with dark Munich malt and Sterling hops. 5.3%/ 22 IBUs



Dry, crisp, light bodied IPA brewed with Amarillo and azacca hops.7.5% ABV / 66 IBUs  


IBUs Reddish in color, with enough malt backbone to balance the forward citrus and pine hop character. 6.5% ABV/ 65

mount jumbo ipa || AVAILABLE: MARCH - JUNE

A balanced and approachable IPA loaded with Northwest Hops. 6.4% ABV/ 55 IBUs



strawberry wheat || AVAILABLE: May - SEPTEMBER

Our classic wheat ale infused with the essence of strawberries.  It has great fruit sweetness, but retains the nice balance from the full-bodied wheat ale. Served with a lemon for extra zest. ABV 5.0   IBU 18. 

scottish winter ale || AVAILABLE: OCTOBER - JANUARY

A classic Scottish ale, with complex malt flavors of caramel, toast, and a hint of smoke. It finishes perfectly balanced, and will certainly warm you up on a cold Montana winter day. 

belgian blonde || Available february - april 

A drinkable ale of distinction, fermented with a unique Belgian yeast strain, giving it notes of pear, subtle orange and a hint of black pepper. It is perfect for early spring activities like snowshoeing and skiing. ABV 6.3% IBU 22.

special releases

bison tale pale ale || Available during summers

Every summer we create a classic pale ale sold exclusively in Yellowstone National Park. Its a light body pale ale, featuring bright citrus hops and a dry finish. Its not overly hopped and is perfectly balanced for a Montana summer day. You won't find this beer anywhere outside of Yellowstone, so make sure to look for it next time you visit the Park. ABV 5.0 IBU 30. 

bourbon barrel-aged series || special release

Aged for a year or more in various barrel types, our barrel series showcases the deliciousness that comes from time. Each batch is encased in a unique barrel type, meaning no two batches will taste the same! Each batch of the series also features a local legend, the unique stories can be found right on the side of the bottle.

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