INTRODUCING: Highlander Beer's Perpetual Rotating Beer Program

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Missoula, Montana Highlander Beer announced the introduction of their new rolling seasonal program designed to bring the consumer fresh and unique craft beer styles almost once a month. Craft beer drinkers’ insatiable appetite for new varieties led Highlander Beer to this approach.

“For me and all the craft beer junkies I know, regularly having tasty new styles to taste and enjoy is pure happiness,” says Missoula Brewing Company President Marc Pierce “We want to thrill our consumers with them finding a new Highlander beer variety almost every time they go to the store or favorite watering hole.” 

Under the new program, Highlander Beer’s Devil’s Hump Red Ale will be the only packaged beer available year round. However, Highlander Beer will rotate in 3 different style of Lagers, IPAs and Season beers for 4 months at a time throughout the year. This results in almost one new beer release each month. This style of rollout is unique to Highlander Beer and isn’t used by any other brewery in the region.


“Our business has been growing like crazy but we want to continue to innovate, and though it will take a herculean effort from our brew staff, we plan to rock this,” says Highlander Beer’s General Manager Hannah Talbott. “By utilizing this unique style of rotation, Highlander Beer is bringing the experience of the constantly changing TapHouse offerings into the homes of beer lovers in Montana.”

The first wave of newly designed labels and beers will release this July. The rotation of beers for Highlander’s initial packaged product will consist of the following:

Rotational Lager Series: Pilsner, Dark Lager, and Copper Lager.

Rotational IPA Series: Zootown IPA, Far North IPA, and a refreshed Mt. Jumbo IPA

Rotating Seasonal: Strawberry Wheat, Scottish Winter Ale, and Belgian Blonde