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Highlander On Facebook Although Highlander Beer is steeped in history, it is, after all, 2011 and we are now on Facebook. Join us! Share your love for Missoula, Montana and Highlander Beer with the rest of the world.
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Highlander History   The road to Highlander Beer today started well before 1900. The Missoula Brewing Company is founded on the great tradtion of Highlander Beer and brings the flavor of the finest scottish-style beer into the 21st century.

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Highlander Beerology

beerology If It Ain't Scottish - It's Crap!

With a history dating to 1910, Highlander Beer from the Missoula Brewing Company returned as a Scottish Red Ale. Reintroduced in 2008 for the first time since 1964, Highlander beer recently won two awards at the 2009 Garden City Brewfest in Missoula, including the award for "Montanan's Best Beer." In Western Montana, look for it at a local pub or grocery store near you.


Highlander Beer Gear


Highlander Swag

We have shirts, hats, glassware, signs and earrings. Our shirts feature classic designs from old Highlander Beer labels dating from 1930’s-1960's. Check out our newest 1930's label design.

Purchase our beer gear and proclaim to the world your love of Highlander Beer.


Missoula Brewing History

frontpage The Missoula Brewing Company

The predecessor to The Missoula Brewing company dates back well before 1900, with some accounts tracing it back to 1874.


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Featured Pubs Serving Highlander Beer

MoClub Logo 139 West Main Street, Missoula, MT 59802-4311 (406) 728-3740 ‎
The Rhinoceros Logo158 Ryman St, Missoula, MT 59802
The Oxford logo337 N. Higgins Ave., Missoula, Mt 59802

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